It takes about 60 years to cook the perfect steak

At Black Angus, our brand has always meant something special. Because on the ranch, a brand is what differentiates you from your neighbors. It's a physical example of what sets you apart from the others in the herd. And at Black Angus, we take that to heart.

At Black Angus, our brand means:

  • You're part of a Heritage stretching back almost 60 years. We have a history of ranchers and restauranteurs that stretches the entire West, from Washington to California, New Mexico to Hawaii.

  • It means you're part of a Family. We strive to make every experience feel like you're coming home. Our personality may be casual, but our service is exceptional. We're a ranch, not a farm! We do the work while you kick up your boots and enjoy your West life. 

  • It means we're committed to ranch-to-table Quality. It's apparent in the quality of our meat—Certified Angus Beef® and USDA Choice Steaks—but also in every plate we serve. We find the best proteins, create the tastiest recipes, and then make it all in-house so everything tastes, looks and feels ranch fresh. 

  • It means Value. We give our guests affordable options for spontaneous weeknight dinners, but also offer a steakhouse experience that's worthy of special occasions. A cowboy's plate is a full plate. We'll leave the à la carte pricing to the other guys! 

  • It means you get the same great meal, same memorable experience, every time and at every location. Whether that's walking in to grab a steak after a long day of surfing at our Pearl City location or hopping off the freeway to grab a quick bite at our Santa Ana location, we believe Consistency is what transforms average into excellence!

  • It means we earn your respect, appreciate your honesty and return your Loyalty. We know you have other options, so we promise to never take your loyalty for granted!

  • And most importantly, it means Trust. Trust that we'll create the same great experience for you, time after time. Trust that we'll greet you with wide western smiles and fresh warm molasses bread. Trust that you'll leave happier than when you walked in.

For almost 60 years, Black Angus has been the best at what it does. And like that first match on the grill every evening... we're just getting started!