What is Prime Club Rewards?

Prime Club Rewards is a new way for you to get rewarded when you dine with us. Sign up for a free rewards account, present your member number with your order, and start earning reward points for a free dessert, appetizer, or even a free steak entrée.

How is it different from the previous Prime Club?

Our new Prime Club Rewards program allows you to earn points every time you dine with us - in the restaurant or takeout. Points add up to free menu items for you! Our previous Prime Club was an email newsletter, which you will continue to receive when you join our rewards program.

I’m a current Prime Club email member, do I need to join?

Yes! To take advantage of our rewards program, you will need to sign up for Prime Club Rewards. You can sign up at our website or download our free app on Apple and Google Play stores.


What rewards can I earn?

The Prime Club Rewards program allows you to reward yourself at any time in the program, with an eligible number of points. Rewards are as follows:

500 points = (1) Free dessert

750 points = (1) Free specialty drink (any seltzer or alcoholic drink like a cocktail, beer or glass of wine where allowed by law)

1000 points = $10 off your order

1500 points = (1) Free steakhouse starter (excludes Wagon Wheel Sampler)

2500 points = (1) Free entrée (up to a $35 value)

The maximum number of points you can earn is 2500. Your account will automatically convert to the 2500 point reward (free entrée) and take up to $35 off your order. After you redeem your 2500 point reward, you will begin accruing points again.

In addition to earning rewards, members will receive 10% their first takeout order when they join Prime Club Rewards. During the member’s birthday month, they will accrue two times the points (10 points per $1 purchase). Additionally, we’re offering members 20% off a $50 or more purchase if they successfully refer a friend to the program.

We are always surprising our members. Turn on your notifications so you can earn surprise rewards, too!

What if my free entrEe is less or more than $35?

If you accrue 2500 points, your reward will automatically convert to the (1) free entrée reward. The maximum amount to be discounted from your order is $35. Additionally, if your entrée is less than $35, then the price of that entrée will be discounted on your order. For example, if you order top sirloin at $25.99, then $25.99 will be deducted from your order. Conversely, if you order the bone-in ribeye at $45.99, only $35 will be deducted from your order.

Do my points expire?

Earned points will expire 120 days from the date you earned them. The join reward (10% off your first takeout order) expires 14 days from your join date. The refer a friend reward expires 30 days after your friend joins Prime Club Rewards and places their first order.

Where are my coupons?

Coupons and offers are exclusive to Prime Club Rewards members. Join the rewards program and your coupons will automatically be loaded into your account. To view your offers, coupons and rewards, select “My Account” in the app or website to see a current list of your available offers and rewards.

Your offers and coupons are automatically attached to your account and will be deducted from your purchase total either in the restaurant or online purchase through the app or For dine-in customers, we recommend reminding your server about the offer you would like to redeem.

What if I don’t have a smartphone?

Prime Club Rewards is for everyone! For those who do not have access to a smartphone, you can register and manage your rewards program through our rewards website.

For those guests who have limited access to the internet, we have physical cards available. Just ask your server. If you choose to have a physical card, we recommend registering it online to fully take advantage of all the benefits of the rewards program. You may only be able to access certain rewards and offers without online registration.

How do I redeem my rewards?

For app users, your rewards are automatically loaded in your account. Just place an online order, or give your server your membership number or phone number to redeem your rewards.

For website users, prior to ordering online or in the restaurant, go to the website and select the reward you want to redeem. It will be added to your account and that reward will be added to your purchase.

Where is my birthday reward?

We’re celebrating your birthday all month long! For your entire birth month, you can accrue two times the points for any purchase you make online or in the restaurant. That means you will earn 10 points for every $1 purchase. Is someone taking you out for dinner? Use your rewards number at the restaurant and you can earn that birthday reward as well, getting you even closer to our biggest reward…a free entrée (up to a $35 value).

If you join during your birthday month, you'll receive the 2x points the following month--for the whole month!

Love our Cowboy Cookie? We still offer that free on your birthday. Just add a note in your reservation, or tell your server.

Where is my member number?

Your Prime Club Rewards account number is your unique identifier and links you to your points and rewards. You can find it on the app or website.

In the app, either select “In Store” on the dashboard or click the navigation menu (upper left corner) and it is the 15-digit number under your name.

On the website, log in and select “My Account.” You will see the 15-digit number in your personal information.

For dine-in members, you can use your phone number to access your account. Just give your server your 10-digit phone number and they will be able to add points to your account or redeem rewards.

What items are eligible for reward points?

All food, drink and alcoholic beverage takeout and dine-in orders are eligible. You can also earn reward points on gift card purchases, merchandise and Black Angus Market purchases made on Takeout orders or Black Angus Market ship-to-home purchases made through our partners Uber Eats or DoorDash, or other 3rd parties are not eligible. 

Can I redeem two or more rewards at once?

Guests can only redeem one discount at a time. Our popular offers that allow discounts on menu items, like our Campfire Feast offer, percent or dollar off coupons and any other discount cannot be used or combined with any other offer or reward redemption. Rewards and offers (10% off takeout order, $14 off Campfire Feast, Refer-a-Friend, etc.) are not valid on holidays.

How does refer-a-friend work?

Anytime during your membership, you can refer a friend to earn additional rewards. Just select refer-a-friend in the app and either email or message them about the program. They will receive a message encouraging them to join the program. If they join and make a purchase, you will automatically receive your refer-a-friend reward of 20% off a $50 or more purchase.

How long does it take for points to show up in my account?

Once you’ve completed your dine-in or takeout transaction, your points will be added to your account in realtime. If you do not see your points, log out of the app or website and log back in. If you still do not see your points, please email with your name, member number and date of dining or purchase.